Monday, August 18, 2008

Seven Beautiful Words

When I was in first grade I was at the top of my reading class. Somewhere in between that class and when I finally dropped out at 17, I became literally convinced that I was stupid. I failed at everything I tried. I couldn't read anything and retain it. I couldn't concentrate on anything a teacher was saying.
Later, when the Lord Jesus began to reveal his love to me and to bring me to a place of real healing, I timidly went back to adult school and gained my diploma. Then, I began to read again. At first I started with the Bible. God opened up a window in my heart and sunshine came pouring in when I would read his precious word, and I was beginning to understand some things. As my confidence grew, I started reading through whole chapter books, and to my delight would finish them and have enjoyed them. This opened up a whole new world to me. I began to discover words, beautiful words that I had never realized existed. Beautiful, character building words. In the beginning, I didn't even know what character meant. I would look the words up in the dictionary and be in awe of them, wondering if I could ever possess such a word in my own character. I would fervently pray for this new beautiful word to become a part of me.
Maybe you know them already, maybe not. But they are truly beautiful, and they are jewels to be coveted. I hope that they might one day all be a part of me.
God is just so wonderful. The work he does is complete and a real miracle. You can safely trust your heart in His love expressed in his son Jesus Christ.

Seven Beautiful Words
  1. Noble: possessing outstanding qualities- I first encountered this word in a Louisa May Alcott book. It referred to a character that was brave, and strong and self sacrificing for the good of others. "Nobel Prize" comes from this concept of contributing work for the interest of humanity
  2. Integrity: an unimpaired condition; soundness; incorruptibility; - I saw this word in books as well as the Bible, used to describe a character that you could trust; one that would never think of lying to you, or using you; one that would always keep their word. An upright man!
  3. Purity:the quality or state of being pure "blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." ---spotless, stainless; free from harshness or roughness; free from moral fault or guilt. This is truly our Savior. Oh the beauty of purity!
  4. Virtue: Strength; conformity to a standard of right; moral excellence; chaste
  5. Charity: benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity; kindly liberality and helpfulness esp. toward the needy or suffering.
  6. Gentleness: kind; amiable; free from harshness, sternness or violence; mild, docile, soft--the very word gentleness stirs deep emotion inside my heart. It is lovely to speak, beautiful to behold. I am in utter awe at the beauty I see in the gentle saints of God.
  7. Jesus Christ: I cannot but include the most beautiful word the world has ever known; the Lord Jesus Christ! Only through him are any of us able to obtain anything beautiful. Only through the Savior, who was the ultimate example of integrity, handling the crushed sinner with love and gentleness, going about in charity to serve humanity and bowing his lovely, noble, pure, virtuous head in submission to the Father, gave his undefiled body up on a cruel cross. He who did all this to save me from the wretch I was, and teach me the beauty of holiness. What a Savior! What a friend!


Anonymous said...

that is so good s. liz.

Felecia said...

Those are things I would want in my life! Thank God we can incorporate them in our lives by Jesus! :D