Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Loving Roe

Oh loving Roe, how can it be
You've come to walk beside of me?
I turn to leave, she follows nigh;
A loving roe now by my side.

She frolicks in the pastures fair,
The sunlight glistens in her hair;
In merriment I laugh and play,
my loving roe has come to stay.

I pant for water, cool and clear,
My loving Roe, she draweth near;
I drinketh full, my thirst abates,
My loving Roe doth satiate.

My step is weary, my head drops low,
I gaze upon my loving Roe;
She lieth near me, still and sweet,
Till I can get back on my feet.

I lose my way, in fear I cry,
and look into her tender eye;
And there reflected back I see,
A man of strength and dignity.

My loving Roe, she follows near,
I sense danger, she perks her ears;
And keeps a watch upon my lead,
My loving Roe, she trusteth me.

She skips and splashes near the stream,
In sunlight fair, her hair doth gleam;
I jump and sport with bucks for show,
They wonder at my loving Roe.

My heart is light, I stand up tall,
Strong and Brave, she hears my call;
With gentle steps she draweth nigh,
My loving Roe doth satisfy.

My gentle fawn, so fair and dear,
Her love is constant year by year;
How did you come to love me so
And be a faithful, loving Roe?
Author Liz V.C.

"Let her be as a loving hind and pleasant roe;"
Proverbs 5:19


Penner and Kassidy said...

Hey Liz!
I'm so glad you and your family have blogs. Now we can communicate better.
I have a blog too. You should check it out!

Sacramento said...

What a wonderful poem, Sister Liz!! I just celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary to the greatest man I've ever known ~ and this poem brings it all to light...I ever want to be a Heavenly Bride and loving roe to my husband, the one God has especially chosen for me. How He must love me so, to give me such a loving man! I am so blessed! Thanks for writing and sharing such an inspiring poem! (You should do one for the sacrifice of the heart for the white BST flags! *wink*wink*hint*hint*)

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Sacramento said...

I was thinking of this poem the other day. I like it a lot. :)