Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blueberry Sunrise Yogurt, By LizAnn

Blueberries have the highest anti-oxidant benefits of any other fruit. One cup of Blueberries contain 14 mg of vitamin C and .8 mg of vitamin E. They can slow the aging process and help maintain mental alertness.
Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that fight yeast and improve the immune system. It also is a good source of calcium. The problem is most people get the little sugar laden yogurts which undermines the health benefits of yogurt. This recipe uses an all natural sweetener product called Stevia Balance with Inulin & Chromium, found at your local health food store. Inulin is derived from chicory which actually stimulates the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria and has a low glycemic index which is good news for the sugar sensitive system. Chromium, a trace mineral, is known to help reduce the need for insulin in diabetics.

2 Cups organic, whole milk, plain yogurt
1 cup organic frozen blue berries
3 packets Stevia Balance
1 banana, sliced
4 Tbs, unsweetened coconut

Mix the yogurt, Stevia, and blueberries together. Divide the banana up into four small bowls.
Top with the yogurt mixture, dividing evenly
Sprinkle with coconut
optional: add a few sliced almonds


Anonymous said...

well sounds like its worth a try.

Felecia said...

This recipe is super easy, yummy and very healthy! :D Great job, Mom!!!