Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy 47th Birthday Troy!

47 Little Facts About Troy you may or may not have known-

  1. Troy was a preemie baby weighing only 4 lbs 7 oz when he was born.

  2. When he was a young boy he used to hang his sister's barbie dolls by a noose from his bunk bed.

  3. Troy was in 4H and raised Cornish Game Hens.

  4. Troy has only lived in two places his whole life; he lived in a renovated barn house near Greenback and Garfield till he was 14. Developers ran them out and he has been at his current residence ever since. He said he cried when they moved.

  5. Troy has worked at his current job at Sutter Roseville Hopital scince he was 18; almost 30 years now.

  6. Troy met his wife at that same place of employment. He started dating her when she was 18 and he was 25.

  7. Troy played blues guitar for years and was such an exceptional player that his friends said he rivaled Eric Clapton!

  8. Troys middle name is Yoshimi a Japanese name given by his mother who is Japanese. The name means "to rejoice in beauty" which is very befitting for him.

  9. Troy LOVES the out doors and nature. He often has a leaf pressed in a book or a pretty rock or pine cone in his pocket.

  10. Troy enjoys Archery.

  11. Troy loves to hike around in the mountains and would love to live in them.

  12. Troy is a very routine person. He rarely changes his daily routine.

  13. Troy is an extrememly faithful and loyal friend that would give you the shirt off his back.

  14. Troy loves to read books about nature and out doors. One of his favorite books is "The Last of the Mohicans."

  15. Troy calls both his wife and his daughter Priscilla "boogie".

  16. Troy has an unborn son in heaven named Samuel.

  17. Troy is very dependable.

  18. Though he is small framed, Troy could always beat his peers at arm restling when he was a younger chap, no matter how big and buffed they were. It left them shaking their heads and his wife beaming!

  19. Troy has a sense of humor though somethimes unseen by the general public. After one of their first dates, Troy brought in a very long hair to work that he found in his truck and handed it to Liz who was working at the register, and said, "I think this belongs to you!"

  20. Troy carries a pocket knife with him everywhere he goes.

  21. Troy loves mowing the lawn.

  22. Troy just spent his day off building a ramp for Kenny so he can get into their house with his wheel chair. Awe.... so sweet!

  23. Troy is a very gentle daddy. Not much spanking going on around here!

  24. Troy was saved 14 years ago on Mothers Day!

  25. Troy loves fishing and took Liz on her first fishing trip where she caught several trout. He also took her to her first concert, bought her her first brand new jacket, and took her to many places around N. California for the first time.

  26. Troy is a helper.

  27. Troy always gives his wife exactly three kisses when ever he gets home from work.

  28. Troy likes salt and used to carry a salt shaker around and eat it when he was young.

  29. Troy loves a good rain storm.

  30. Troy chops stacks of firewood every year with an ax.

  31. Troy is a "handy man". He can fix just about anything, and if he's not sure how, he learns.

  32. Troy is very intelligent. His wife thinks he has and encyclopedia for a brain.

  33. Troy used to love to go hunting and would like to again soon.

  34. Troy can be very brave when needed. He demonstrates the statement: "courage is fear that has said his prayers."

  35. Troy is very giving.

  36. Troy picks up Felecia every Thurday afternoon from her job and brings her a "special lunch."

  37. Troy does not like water...swimming that is.

  38. Troy is a natural born oraganizer and his employer makes full use of him often, taking him from his regular work, to organize a freezer or closet.

  39. Troy is a very detailed cleaner as well.

  40. Troy loves a BBQ'd steak.

  41. Troy plays guitar sometimes at church.

  42. Troy helps his son Shane with many endeavors such as building a chicken coop and putting up fencing for a barn yard.

  43. Troy's favorite color is green the colors of nature.

  44. Troy is a collector. His drawers are full or very organized collections.

  45. Troy is very creative and artistic. He has made things like you would see at craft bazzars and he gets many compliments on them.

  46. Troy gets more compliments on his garage than his wife gets on the house.

  47. Troy's dad is Dutch and his family lineage goes back to relations with Daniel Boone and the Wright Brothers. The Wright brothers created a bike called the 'Van Cleve' bike.


Sacramento said...

48. Troy's wife is a speed typer. Sometimes, when she sends a mass email announcing her husband's 47th birthday, she forgets the 7 so it reads "Happy 4th Birthday Troy".
49. Many of Troy's friends joke with him about his '4th birthday'.
50. Troy's wife does not like this joke.

Felecia said...

Happy B-day to an Awesome DAD! Thanks for all your time and effort for us, and have fun on your b-day! :D luv u - Felecia

Anonymous said...

Troy did hang my barbies and Jane West. He also used to hold down his sister and pretend to spit on her. His sister loves him very much and remembers some of our greatest memories together.
Happy BIrthday Bro. Kim

Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday bro. troy.
appreciate your guitar playing, you do play well.