Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Favorites!

1. Favorite Smell? Apple Orchards at Apple Hill and fresh baked apple pie
2. Favorite Food? My Potato Soup and Aunt Sherry's Chili
3. Favorite Color? Amber
4. Favorite Drink? Pooh Bears Honey Hot Chocolate
5. Favorite Treat? Pumpkin cookies with maple frosting. YUM!
6. Favorite Place to go? Apple Hill
7. Favorite Candy? Candy corn (me too)
8. Favorite Movie to watch? I don't watch movies, but I love watching the beautiful fall sunsets out here
9. Favorite Clothing to wear? Fall jean jumpers and warm sockies in the mornings
10. Favorite Outdoor Activity? Out door fall festivities, like craft bazzars
11. Favorite Football Team? I don't even know any - LOL!
12. Favorite Fall Holiday? Thanksgiving
13. Favorite Haunted place? The only haunted place I ever liked was the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland
14. Favorite Food at Thanksgiving Dinner? Mashed Potatos and Gravy ( too and homemade rolls)
15. Favorite Pie? I love my homemade Pumpkin Pie
16. Favorite Fall Hobby? Baking...breads, cookies, pies, roast, ect...
17. Favorite Fall Memory? The fun fall birthday parties we have had here for Priscilla
18. Favorite Fall Sight? Colorful leaves, pumpkins and golden sunsets
19. Overall Favorite thing about Fall? Getting ready for cozy nights at home with a fire in the fire place, and the good smells of home-cooked meals. Family, friends!
20. Overall Favorite Season? Hands down its fall. I love it!

I'm tagging Felecia, Joyce, Rebekah, and Priscilla

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Day in Sacramento

We spent the good part of our day today touring the State Capitol and browsing around Old Sacramento. It was very interesting seeing the Capitol. That was my first time inside that building. Shane was loving every minute of it he and told me we need to go back when the assembly is having a meeting. He is very politically minded. Visit his Let Freedom Ring blog.

Any way, towards the end of the day we passed by a man who had fallen off his bike and was lying on the ground. A woman police officer was next to him. Brother Andy said we should pray for him and one of the kids suggested that we go over to him to pray. So we all went over where he was lying and Brother Andy bent down and told him that we were going to pray for him. The man asked him if he was a protestant or catholic. Brother Andy said, "I'm not anything, just someone who loves the Lord." Then he laid his hands on him and led out in prayer. A few seconds later the paramedics showed up and we all watched as they got the man ready to go to the hospital. The man waved to the kids on his way into the ambulance. This whole scene was etched on my mind the whole way home. It was the highlight of my day - Brother Andy praying for this unknown man. It was just like seeing Jesus. It is always sanctifying spending time with the saints.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I was tagged by Felecia!

I am: 40 this year (sigh) life is passing...
I think: about heaven and what it will be like to be there
I know: that Jesus lives in me
I have: three beautiful children
I hate: Hypocrisy
I wish: that everyone would realize that Jesus is the Lord, and that they are going to have to give an account for their lives
I miss: my babies!
I fear: "perfect love casteth out fear"
I feel: too deeply!
I hear: my conscience telling me to get off the computer and go to bed
I smell: air
I crave: pepper poppers and chalk (NO, I'm NOT pregnant)
I search: for honest souls
I wonder: why anyone would reject the truth
I regret: not starting my married life the right way... God's way!
I love: Jesus and the family of God
I am not: discouraged
I believe: God will win and I'm on the winning side!
I dance: when I feel giddy
I sing: with all my heart for Jesus
I cry: and God understands!
I don’t always: know the right thing to say
I fight: for what is right! I fight against giving up...
I write: because I love to.
I win: when I leave things in God's hands
I lose: when I take things into my own hands
I never: want to go back after the world or sin
I always: pray
I confuse: my children's names sometimes
I listen: carefully to the truth
I can usually be found: at home or at church
I am scared: for careless souls
I need: GOD!
I am happy: with Jesus
I imagine: What it would be like to live in a foriegn land laboring for the gospel
Now . . . I am tagging the following bloggers: Shirley and Amanda