Friday, February 25, 2011

Holly's Cancer Fight

My husband took Holly to the Vet to see about a growing wound in her breast that wasn't getting better. He called me at home from the vet and said that the vet was almost positive that she has cancer- a very large tumor and that she probably has other issues going on as well. Do even run test to see if she would be a candidate for surgery was almost $400. Treatment itself was over $1500. We just financially could not do that. And so the vet said that the other most humane option was to have her euthanize.

I told my husband to bring her home so we could say goodbye to her first. He brought her home and my son and I decided that we wanted to try to see if we could help her through natural healing methods We took her off her regular dog food and put her on Dr Johanna Budwig diet. We picked up surgical gloves and pads and we are and we are cleansing the wound several times a day with a mixture of warm water, Epsom salts and concentrated Aloe Vera juice concentrate. We are also giving her daily doses of Chlorophyll Drops, aloe vera juice and acidophilus. The first couple days she slept and her breathing was shallow. Her wound has been increasingly draining. YUCK! It's not a fun job at all. But her strength is returning and she has more life in her. That is only after three days of treatment. In fact, we can't even keep her on her bed now because her energy level is too high to rest all day long. We will see what happens.


To see pre-cancer pictures of Holly go to: Another Ma Ma for the Puppies

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Nicole said...

Poor thing! I think the natural route is the best way to go for sure so good luck!!