Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Ma Ma for the Puppies

Callie has a Nanny. Our German Shepherd-Ridgeback Mix. She has never had pups of her own yet she still took these right under wing and is helping Callie out.
If she gets up to go out, and Callie follows, she will turn around and go back to keep an eye on the pups. She is very vigilant.

And she is LACTATING!

Now that's what I call team-work!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sis Liz for sharing another of your Real Life object lessons!!
They are all such an Encouragement!

Anonymous said...

now that is amazing! that is so cute!

Sacramento said...

Wow! That's amazing!!

Anonymous said...

awww...when do I get to come and see them? again..