Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sometimes a woman just feels like being beautiful...

I know that beauty is vain, and that it only goes skin deep, but sometimes the feminine in me wants to decorate myself with curls, a beautiful dress and a faint spritz of fragrance. I felt like Juliet this evening, ready to hear my Romeo call out to me, and I run to meet him with beauty emanating from the inside out.

"How is your head?" my husband broke into my romanticized revere to find out if I still had a headache.

"It's in the clouds!" I reply with an air of mysticism.

I am finding my forties to be interesting- sort of a desperate pull between the past and what remains in the future. I have never even read Romeo and Juliet, but now I am contemplating checking it out at the library. Or maybe I will read the Knights of the Round Table. 

Yesterday I held up a picture of myself when I was in my twenties, in the mirror next to my rapidly aging face. "Ugh! It IS true. I am getting old. There is no way around it. Is there romance and adventure left for me yet?

Today, I just want to be beautiful. I will be as beautiful and God will afford me to be. No matter what my age, I am still a woman, and this woman cherishes beauty.

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Nicole said...

I believe it is our womanly, God-given nature to want to be beautiful, inside and out and there is nothing wrong with it or vain about it unless we take it to an extreme and let it become vanity. You should go spoil yourself and get a makeover (hair, manicure, facial, etc.) and have fun and see how much it will lift your spirits, and your husbands too! ;)... God did make you beautiful and a makeover will just enhance what he's already blessed you with... :)