Saturday, February 26, 2011

Huggies for Surgical Padding

My husband came up with a great idea today to use disposable diapers to cover Holly's wound. We were going through the largest surgical pads we could find. I paid $9 for a box of twelve at Walgreen's, and then we bought another box for $6 at Walmart. Today, Felecia picked up a box of 168 Huggies at Target for $25. Well, I wasn't expecting her to get such a large amount of diapers, but maybe we can make another diaper cake for someone soon? $25 divided by 168= .15 cents per diaper. $6 divided by 12= .50. So if you take .15 away from .50 you have a savings of .35 a pad. So 12 diapers = $1.80. That is a savings of $4.20 per box of surgical pads. Not bad! And they work great. In fact, because the way her tumor protrudes out of her stomach, the gathered sides of the diaper help keep it covered better.

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Anonymous said...

So how is she doing? Is she getting better? Will be praying.