Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Candy Bags

Well I finished 132 candy bags to pass out to the Bible Story Time children this evening.
It ended up being a 3 day project, but I will feel it all worth it if the bags bring happy smiles!
The tags took the longest. Joyce was over yesterday morning to help out and Felecia and I were up to midnight last night filling the bags. I finished up the tags and ties them on today. I started at 8:00 AM finished the last bag after 2:00 P.M.
I am frequently asked why I take so much time on the tags when most the kids will just rip them off and throw them away. I gave this a lot of thought and at last I know the "why".
Because I want the candy bags to smile at the children. I want them to give them a warm feeling if only for a few minutes. I want their memories of Gods church to always have a warm loving feeling with it.
It may be just a little thing, but it's my reason.

To make the tags I picked up boxed Christmas cards at the dollar tree. There were 15 cards per box. I then cut out the middle of the picture of the manger scene into a circle. I used a larger circle to cut out a frame out of card stock. I used craft scissors for a scalloped edge.
I glued the picture onto the card stock then I used glitter glue around the edge of the picture to make it sparkly. I hot glued a piece of gold rope to the back in a loop to hang from. I then tied these onto the bags.
We wrote "Merry Christmas, Bible Story Time, 2008" on the backs.
The bags have a fun assortment of candy in them.

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