Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Chirstmas Poem

Baby Jesus sweet and small
came to live and die for all;
shed his blood for you and me,
to cleanse our sin and set us free.

Once he lay on manger bed;
Angels kissed his lovely head
richest treasures wise men brought
and bowed before the baby's cot.

Shepherds spread the joyous truth
"Salvation's come through this dear youth"
And people everywhere did laud;
that Jesus was the Son of God.

Once He hung upon a cross;
Devils laughed and scorned his loss.
"A thorny crown upon his head,
See him beaten, he is dead!"

But Lo, an empty grave, come see;
The Lord is risen, triumphantly!
He paid the price, he conquered sin;
His blood will cleanse our heart within!

Baby Jesus sweet and small,
came to live and die for all;
Come be saved and filled with love-
God's dear Son, sent from above!

(Written by ~Elizabeth A. Van Cleve)


Amanda Leigh said...

Beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I wish I could see all of you!

Felecia said...

Oh, I didn't know you wrote that! Lol. :P I thought it was very good though! Merry Christmas to the best mom in the world!!! :D