Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Miss Frumpy Dumpy

Miss Frumpy Dumpy sat on a couch
Miss Frumpy Dumpy became a great grouch
All of her make-up, hairdo's and frills
Couldn't set Frumpy free from her ill's.

One day Miss Frumpy read the good book,
read about Jesus and the beating he took;
Read of the cross and his victry o're sin,
read how his blood makes us over agian.

So Miss Frumpy Dumpy went to God's Beauty School
No more to be Frumpy Dumpy the fool.
He cleaned up her heart, and taught her new ways
To get off the couch and make useful her days.

To keep a clean house, and wear a kind smile;
To thank God each day, and to not let things pile.
To train up her children in the way they should go,
and to keep her garments always white as the snow.

To love her dear husband with honor and praise,
and to be a good help-meet all of his days.
To always abound in the work of the Lord,
for this she was promised a lasting reward.

Miss Pretty Princess is now her new name,
For now in her heart King Jesus does reign.
She no longer has make-up, jewelry, or sin,
For Jesus has given her beauty within!
Author Liz VC

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