Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bare Your Heart

LORD, What shall I say, what can I do
how can I open the door?
To tell some poor wandering soul
about you and how great you are

Bare your heart Liz, Bare your heart
tell them you were once where they are
tell them how dark, tell them how low
show them the terrible scar

But LORD, I'm afraid, so tender my heart
I'm certain would break open and bleed
How can I lay open my soul
to reach the poor sinners need
Bare your heart Liz, Bare your heart Liz
Don't be afraid for I'm here
I will take care, to help you along
there is no need to fear

But Lord, I'm ashamed so sinful was I
I'm certain would stain me again
How can I help the dying lost souls
and show them Jesus, my friend?

Bare your heart Liz, Bare your heart Liz
Tell them the blood washed away
every single shameful stain
and your standing clear today

Lord, I will Bare my heart just for you
no matter what it may cost
For you bore your heart, and you suffered shame
to rescue the poor and the lost

Bare your heart Liz, Yes, bare your heart
for that is how souls will be found
when you open your heart, and pour out my love
My light and my grace will abound!


Felecia said...

That's true - sometimes we just have to step over ourselves!

Sacramento said...

That's SO good and true, Sister Liz! A really nice, encouraging poem..thanks for sharing and we're so glad that He washed us and our past is behind us and Heaven before us!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so beautiful! I know that is where God wants all of us opening our hearts to those that are not saved.God has been dealing with me to open my mouth but the shame that is there where God found me is so great but He found me and saved me a so called Christian at the bottom of the pit.Thank you for the blog it is where I am having trouble.