Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mint-Lime Tea

Sister Annette made us this refreshing tea while we were visiting her in Montana. The tea is easy to prepare and very healthy.
Mint is known for its ability to settle the stomach, sooth the digestive tract and reduce the severity and length of stomach aches. Mint also contains antifungal properties and is used in treating asthma and many allergy conditions as well. Mint contains the phytonutrient, perillyl alcohol, and chlorophyll which are both useful in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

Limes are rich in Potassium and vitamin C and honey is a natural energy booster and immune system builder.
To make, cut a bunch of mint leaves out of your garden (see me if you need a plant) Place in a pitcher. Pour in just enough very hot (not boiling) purified water to cover leaves. Cover the pitcher and let steep 3 minutes. Stir in a large spoonful of honey (about 1/4 -1/3 cup) Fill the pitcher with cold purified water. Add the juice of one fresh squeezed lime. Be sure not to add the peel unless it is an organic lime.

Following these instructions will insure the best nutrient quality tea. Pour over Ice and enjoy!

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