Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Healing in His Wings

"For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again" Proverbs 24:16

A south American traveler tells of a curious conflict which he once witnessed between a little quadruped and a poisonous reptile of great size. The little creature seemed no match for its antagonist that threatened to destroy it by a blow, as well as its helpless young, but it fearlessly faced its mighty enemy and rushing at him, struck him with a succession of fierce and telling blows, but received at the onset a deep and apparently fatal wound from the poisonous fangs, which flashed for a moment of angry fire, and then fastened themselves deep into the flesh of the daring little assailant.
For a moment it seemed as if all were over, but the wise little creature immediately retired into the Forest, and hastening to the plantain tree, eagerly devoured some of its leaves, and then hurried back seemingly refreshed and restored, to renew the fray with vigor and determination. Again and again this strange spectacle was repeated: the serpent, although greatly exhausted, ferociously attacked, and again, and again wounded its antagonist to death, as it seemed, but the little creature each time repaired to its simple prescription, and returned to renewed victory. In the course of an hour or two the battle was over--the mammoth reptile lay still and dead and the little victor was unharmed, in the midst of the nest and the helpless little ones.
( Praise God! )
~Springs in the Valley

Memories dark and forbidden
like demons they crowd my mind
and threaten to overtake me
pursuing me from behind

Laughing they mock and surround me
"You'll never escape," they sneer
we hold the keys to your future
Larger than life they appear

Shadows dark and foreboding
cut like a knife through the years
like a hand reaching out to grab me
stirring up all of my fears

Oh for a black board eraser
and an easel to draw anew
a picture of happy childhood days
where love and compassion grew

Oh for a handful of happiness
of love and security
Would I not be a stronger soul,
serving God confidently?

Memories dark and forbidden
pushed back by the Saviors hand
chased away by his angels here
subjected to His command

Shadows dark and foreboding
give way in the light of His love
wrapped up in warmth and security
of promise from above

Jesus my Savior, my hero
my eyes lifted up to thee
Bring healing and hope to my rescue
and set me completely free!
Author Liz VC


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