Friday, November 28, 2008

Autumn Give-Away!

I love Autumn! It is my favorite time of year. Beautiful golden colors against blue skies. California sunsets are incredible. I see God, how wonderful he is in blessing us with such a feast for the eyes. The aroma's of spiced baked goods, the chilly nip in the air, the frosty mornings and cozy evening by a warm fire. I even love the rain. I love to hear the raindrops and wind and smell the fresh fragrant air, and feel the cool water splashing on my face. Everything about fall is beautiful.

So I am in baking mode. Busting at the seams with busyness. Its a wonder I have time to even post this. Some of the things I have already made are my homemade pumpkin pie~

pumpkin cookies with maple frosting~

I made tons of these luscious cookies. We passed them out to the kids at BST last week.

And a Cranberry, Pear and Walnut Torte with Cream Cheese-Orange Frosting~

This year I plan on making several varieties of fudge and giving plates of them as gifts. I have been working the last several years at perfecting different fudge recipes. I just made Coconut Creme fudge for the first time the other night and WOW! It is so YUMMY! I will also be making Butterscotch Fudge and Chocolate Mint Fudge, and my secret recipe Pumpkin Fudge. YES, it is a secret recipe as it took me awhile to develop it to the way I like it. So, since I cannot share the recipe with you, I have decided to do a random give-away for 1 lb. of Pumpkin Fudge. I will be using the Random Integer Generator to pick a winner. Simply leave a comment to this blog entry to be automatically entered into the contest. I will pick a winner Monday morning, December 15, 2008. No anonymous comments please! Have fun, and Happy Autumn!

Post Note: I will mail fudge anywhere in USA. Sorry, no out of the country entries will be accepted this time. Also, winner will be given the option of choosing to have their fudge with or without walnuts.
***to answer post #7, yes there is free shipping... for the winner that is :-)


Howery said...

We'd love to be included in the drawing! Your goodies look soo delicious. I've never commented before but we really enjoy reading your blogs!

Brandon & Natalie

joann said...

Yea me too (natalies mom joann) I want to be in the give away for the yummy pumpkin fudge. I hope I win well, me or Nat because we will share it with each other I'm sure. (: Joann Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Hi. I dont realy need any fudge cause you already feed me all the time anyways but your blog looks good! Sherry

Anonymous said...

Oh My!
You are always sucha homemaker ~ I love it!! Gimme some fudge! hee heee hee!
Happy Fall My Sister!
Sis Shirley

Sacramento said...

Sister can stop the contest now and just hand over the fudge! If they're anything like your pumpkin cookies or coconut fudge, than we will post every day! I'm sure it will be neat to see all that post a comment...just because, as you blog, you wonder if anyone reads, and if so, whom. How neat!!! We'll check back to read the posts! Yay!

Sister Joycelyn

Anonymous said...

Put me in!!
S. Joyce

Anonymous said...

Of course there is free shipping right? PO BOX 993 Plains, Mt. 59859

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, put me up for the Pumpkin Fudge also, I hope I win, that way you will not have to mail it to me. At least save me a small piece so I can know how pumpkin fudge taste like Okay??

Bro Raymond L. Licon

Amanda Leigh said...

Everything looks so amazing! I'm drooling!

Anonymous said...

You always were a good cook.
I would love to win the Pumpkin
fudge and I think it would be
great if you hand delivered it.
I think you guys are over due
for a visit.
Love, Laura

Terri said...

Thanks Sis Liz, for sharing with me, now also, your link for this blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed by all you are sharing. Makes me wistful to be more together like one such as yourself! But God obviously makes us all unique, and not necessarily with the attributes we might hope to possess. Again I grateful, that I finally know about your little special place to visit!
:> Sis Terri

Becky Ri said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures of your cooking look very yummy & I would love to be concidered for you autumn give away.

I'm thinking of doing something like this on my organic gardening site ( Please let us know how it goes!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.