Friday, October 17, 2008


"I am determined, to live victorious
till He has finished His purpose in me
And nothing shall shake me,
for He'll never forsake me
and I am determined to live for the King!"

Dear Lord,
I bow before you, with a humbled heart
at how great you are, and how insignificant I am.
And yet you see me, you care about me,
Nothing that I pray is too small, or too big for you.
You are almighty, all powerful, and able to do
over and above all that we ask.
You have NEVER failed me yet, and you NEVER will.
I trust you LORD! I count it an honor to trust you,
to know you, and to seek you even to know you more.
Someday, I will see you Jesus. Yes, someday soon,
all my aching heart will melt away, and I will feel my tear stained face
cupped between the palms of your nail-scarred hands,
and you will look into my eyes, my eyes that haved turned away in mistrust from so many
but I will look into your precious loving, crystal clear eyes and I will know forever,
that everything is all right.
I already know in my heart, that everything is alright;
but when I, like the apostle Thomas, can touch you,
and like the other apostle, can lean on your breast, I will be so comforted.
I long for that comfort. Sometimes I get a taste of it when I pray
and read from your precious word.
Sometimes I think to find it here in some important work
or in the heart of some special person.
O, foolish heart, only in Jesus, only in Him can we ever be satisfied.
Lord, I commit my life and heart into your capable hands, for I know
that is a safe place to put them...eternally safe.
Be my light, broaden my steps before me.
Go before me and make those crooked places straight.
Help my heart, my passionate heart. May it ever be passionate for you,
My God, my Abba Father.

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Amanda Leigh said...

So often the deepest cry of my heart is for comfort. Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart. It was encouraging.

PS. I tagged you.