Friday, September 5, 2008

I was tagged by Felecia!

I am: 40 this year (sigh) life is passing...
I think: about heaven and what it will be like to be there
I know: that Jesus lives in me
I have: three beautiful children
I hate: Hypocrisy
I wish: that everyone would realize that Jesus is the Lord, and that they are going to have to give an account for their lives
I miss: my babies!
I fear: "perfect love casteth out fear"
I feel: too deeply!
I hear: my conscience telling me to get off the computer and go to bed
I smell: air
I crave: pepper poppers and chalk (NO, I'm NOT pregnant)
I search: for honest souls
I wonder: why anyone would reject the truth
I regret: not starting my married life the right way... God's way!
I love: Jesus and the family of God
I am not: discouraged
I believe: God will win and I'm on the winning side!
I dance: when I feel giddy
I sing: with all my heart for Jesus
I cry: and God understands!
I don’t always: know the right thing to say
I fight: for what is right! I fight against giving up...
I write: because I love to.
I win: when I leave things in God's hands
I lose: when I take things into my own hands
I never: want to go back after the world or sin
I always: pray
I confuse: my children's names sometimes
I listen: carefully to the truth
I can usually be found: at home or at church
I am scared: for careless souls
I need: GOD!
I am happy: with Jesus
I imagine: What it would be like to live in a foriegn land laboring for the gospel
Now . . . I am tagging the following bloggers: Shirley and Amanda


Felecia said...

You did it - lol! Yay! It's fun to see everyone's different answers. :D

Mexican Redhead said...

Hey! My name is Sarah and I saw your blog through your daughter's blog page. Just wanted to say hi and that you have a wonderful daughter!! May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ upon you!
In Christ~