Friday, July 16, 2010

God's Love is Like a Circle

Our theme this month for BST is "LOVE MAKES EVERYTHING GROW." I planted ornamental sunflowers for all the BST kids- 40 of them. They have all sprouted and here they are all peeking out the window wishing I would take them outside. But they will have to wait till tomorrow...

I brought three of them with me last Tuesday night so some of the kids could water them with one of the little watering pots they will get with their flower at the end of the four week period. Kids love watering plants!

Tonight I constructed a new song card for next week to go with our theme. The children take turns coming up in the front and holding a song-card while we all sing the song:

a circle big and round;
Whoever seen a circle,
no ending can be found.
And so the LOVE of JESUS,
goes on eternally;
Forever and forever,
I know that he loves ME!

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Sherry Dee said...

That's cute! Turned out good.