Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Family Member- Lady Charlotte

We were not planning on keeping any of our puppies, but we have fallen hopelessly in love with this gentle little lamb of a puppy. She is very docile, just lays in your arms. And she loves being with us. She can be spunky at times too. Sister Joy named her one night before we decided to keep her and the name has stuck.

Look at those intelligent eyes. Many of our buyers have shown an interest in her because of her sweet dispostion. She is deffinately a keeper.

We are considering having her sleep with Priscilla and seeing if we might be able to have her trained to alarm us in case she has a siezure. We will see how everything works out.

I love all my puppies. They have been a joy and delight to have. We will miss them!


Sacramento said...

She IS a lady..and Charlotte is so feminine and endearing. Your lab puppies for sale in Roseville are getting the best treatment, as they are home raised with love, not raised in a puppy mill and what a joy that you get to learn each one's disposition and temperment! Your prices are really low, Sister Liz! Cheap lab puppies in Sacramento are hard to come by, especially quality pups that are being loved, paper trained and are AKC lab pups!

Felecia said...

Aww! She's so cute - I love her! :D I'm glad we're keeping her! <3

Miss Rachel said...

Cute! we just got a black lab/black retriever/and a different dog we don't know what puppy. Her mother was the mother of my dog who was killed in July. She looks kind of like that, though she is not yet seven weeks. She's a sweetie cutie... So cute.

~Miss Rachel